Social media is abuzz with conversations about brands and products. Here’s a stat to consider: a whopping 54% of social media users share their thoughts on products and brands on platforms like Instagram! And guess what? An even bigger number, 56%, actively seek out product recommendations on social media. People trust their peers way more than traditional advertising – a staggering 92% place more faith in recommendations from friends and family. And the results are undeniable: UGC is boosting conversion rates by a whopping 9.2%!

In 2024, UGC is booming! It’s a powerful tool for brands to connect with real people and build trust. It’s more than just reviews; it’s about the creative content people generate online, including videos, social media posts, and even content that leverages new technologies.

The power of user-generated content (UGC) is unquestionable and for those seeking to leverage it for their brand, a new free resource has emerged: “Is UGC Gone?“, a 125-page collaborative effort led by our partners at Videowise together with 40 tech apps and agencies worldwide including Radikal.

The e-book is divided into 10 sections diving deep into every aspect of UGC marketing, from identifying brand advocates to measuring campaign success with AI. Packed with inspiring case studies across diverse industries, you get a front-row seat to how brands are leveraging UGC to supercharge their marketing, boost social media engagement, and drive website sales.

Find clear and actionable steps on everything from identifying winning UGC angles to seamlessly integrating UGC into your marketing campaigns and discover how AI and AR/VR are shaping the future of UGC.

This massive resource also explores the legalities and ethics of UGC, ensuring you navigate brand persuasion responsibly while fostering authenticity.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the power of UGC and build stronger connections with your audience. Download your free copy and discover the full potential of UGC.