In the ever-changing world of online shopping, luxury brands are realizing the importance of having a strong presence. While physical luxury stores have always been associated with exclusive shopping experiences, the digital realm offers an exciting opportunity for these brands to reach a wider audience and provide an elevated level of service. That’s where Shopify Plus comes is a powerful e-commerce platform that has become a top choice for luxury brands aiming to make their mark online.

In this discussion, we will explore why Shopify Plus is an excellent platform for luxury brands. We’ll look at its unique features and capabilities that match the specific needs of these brands, enabling them to showcase their exclusivity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail in a digital environment. Furthermore, we’ll highlight some noteworthy examples of luxury brands we worked with that have successfully leveraged Shopify Plus to enhance their online presence and create captivating shopping experiences for their customers.

Why choose Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is an excellent platform for luxury brands with higher levels of annual revenue. It’s a complete e-commerce solution to grow and manage your business. To give you an idea, it’s ideal to consider the shift if your annual sales have surpassed one million dollars. If your online store is performing well, you might consider adding more locations or considering franchising, which is all possible in Shopify Plus. It’s also convenient if you’re thinking about expanding your product range. The platform can inventory hundreds of thousands of products.

What does Shopify Plus have in store for luxury brands?

Besides the regular Shopify features, you’re getting a lot of extra value for upgrading to Shopify Plus. As your business grows, you might have more complex needs. The platform offers three main benefits: one-page checkout, more integrations with other partners, and customization. Let us explain which features are recommendable for luxury brands in Shopify Plus.

One page checkout

In June we hosted our previous edition of Antwerp E-commerce to bring people together from the e-commerce industry. During this event, we invited a Sendcloud expert to talk about consumer trends. The research explained how inefficiently built checkouts are one of the main reasons your visitors don’t continue to make the purchase. During the Shopify 2023 Winter Editions, the platform launched its one-page checkout.

You can also organize the checkout according to your needs. We’ve created a Shopify Plus webshop for the exclusive lifestyle brand, Serax, and implemented a custom checkout that contains different fields for contact information, shipping and payment. You can edit the checkout in Liquid but first have to send a request to Shopify. For now, this is the only way to edit this feature. If you want to setup customized checkouts, we recommend getting help from experienced developers. We can give advice in offering the best solution for your needs.

Shopify Plus certified app program

Shopify Plus has carefully curated a collection of 95 top-tier apps that excel at enhancing store functionalities. With a focus on luxury brands, we have handpicked a selection of apps that we believe will greatly contribute to the growth of your business.


With Algolia’s seamless search and navigation options, luxury brands can provide a premium and intuitive shopping experience. The platform’s lightning-fast search results and extensive customization options allow customers to find desired products effortlessly. As luxury brands expand globally, Algolia’s scalability and support from data centers worldwide ensure optimal performance. Additionally, the platform’s analytics provide insights into user behavior, enabling brands to refine their offerings and provide personalized recommendations.


Klaviyo, an official strategic partner of Shopify Plus, is an indispensable email marketing tool for luxury retail brands. Renowned brands like Glossier, Osea, and Loeffler Randall rely on Klaviyo to effectively manage their customer data and build long-term relationships at scale. With Klaviyo’s suite of proven email templates, luxury brands can automate personalized communications such as price drop alerts, cart reminders, and just-in-time recommendations. In the competitive luxury market, Klaviyo plays a vital role in brand presence and customer engagement.

In Klaviyo, we have established essential flows like abandoned cart reminders and birthday flows. Additionally, we have tailored flows to suit their loyalty programs, ensuring a personalized experience for their customers. Furthermore, we also optimize existing flows. By leveraging Klaviyo, we help clients create a comprehensive email marketing strategy that engages customers throughout their journey, boosting conversions and fostering loyalty. We guarantee your revenue will increase instantly.


Gorgias is an excellent tool for luxury brands in retail. It offers a revenue-focused customer service platform that centralizes orders, conversations, and social comments. This allows luxury brands to provide a seamless and personalized customer experience. Gorgias reduces checkout friction and enables instant answers with personalized information. It transforms support agents into sales reps, increasing conversions and customer retention. Luxury brands value exceptional customer service and seek to create a premium shopping experience. Gorgias aligns with these goals, streamlining customer service, accelerating revenue growth, and helping them succeed in the competitive retail industry.

Customized theme created by Radikal

Shopify Plus is an excellent choice for luxury brands because it allows you to create a unique and immersive online shopping experience by customizing themes. The platform also offers a range of apps and extensions for advanced functionality like personalized product recommendations and concierge services. Backend customization ensures tailored workflows and integration with high-end CRM or ERP systems. Internationalization features cater to global markets, while performance optimization ensures a fast and smooth shopping experience. Additionally, API access enables custom integrations with luxury brand-specific systems. Overall, Shopify Plus offers the flexibility and features needed to build a premium and customized e-commerce platform for luxury brands.

We have created a custom Radikal theme, that will help to live up to clients’ custom needs. The Radikal Theme Framework – a game-changing solution for Shopify themes unlocks new possibilities for users. We meticulously engineered and built from the ground up to take Shopify 2.0 to the next level. Our theme stands out with its blazing fast performance, optimized for lightning-fast loading times and an exceptional user experience. It offers maximum flexibility, empowering users to effortlessly customize their storefront to align with their brand’s identity. Designed for scalability and growth, the Radikal Theme seamlessly adapts to evolving business needs. Leveraging the robust capabilities of Shopify 2.0, our theme incorporates the latest e-commerce trends and technologies. Please note that the Radikal Theme is not listed in the theme store, but if you’re intrigued, we invite you to get in touch with us to learn more about this unique framework.

Luxury Brands on Shopify Plus


Serax, founded by Serge and Axel Van Den Bossche, is an iconic Belgian lifestyle brand known for its exceptional craftsmanship. Offering a wide range of exquisite tableware, cutlery, lighting, and accessories, Serax products embody a unique and luxurious aesthetic that appeals to individuals with sophisticated taste and prestigious establishments. Whether it’s a cozy private residence or a grand hotel or restaurant, Serax products add an elegant touch to any setting. Our team had the privilege of creating a stunning webshop for Serax, and the seamless integration with Shopify Plus has truly brought their vision to life.

The main challenge we encountered during the creation process of the webshop was effectively showcasing the extensive range of products and sets in a well-structured format. We opted for Shopify Plus, renowned for its ability to handle a large inventory of products, as the ideal platform. In addition to managing the sheer quantity of products, it was crucial to establish the right connections between each item and its respective designers. The result is a clean and on-brand webshop, you can check it out right here

Combining products & designers

In order to arrange Serax’s extensive product catalog, our team of designers and developers carefully sought out a consistent structure. Additionally, we faced the challenge of establishing connections between the products and their respective designers. To maintain uniformity, we utilized the previously mentioned tool Algolia, a highly effective solution for organizing and categorizing products and sets. Algolia proved to be the perfect choice to meet these requirements.

B2B webshop

Shopify Plus is an ideal setup for B2B stores. Not only did we create the original webshop, Serax wanted us to create a new B2B portal that respects the partnerships with designers, retailers, hospitality and architects. The result we aimed for was honoring the existing sales channels instead of building an independent B2B portal. To maintain exclusivity, we created specific account login credentials.

Gift registry

To cater to special occasions, we developed a custom registry feature that allows users to create wishlists of their desired Serax products or sets. Once the wishlist is created, it can be shared with your contacts. We created the necessary pages and integrated the registry with Serax’s own database.

Custom checkout met multi currency

We designed a custom checkout system for Serax, featuring multiple steps from adding products to the cart to entering contact details and making payments. A notable feature of this Shopify Plus checkout is that prices are automatically updated based on the user’s region, eliminating the need to manually select the currency.

La Collection

This Belgian luxury fashion brand, La Collection, embodies a strong commitment to sustainability while boldly defying conventional norms within the fashion industry. Unrestricted by the limitations set by others, they fearlessly chart their own course. Although crafting one-of-a-kind pieces with an impeccable fit may require additional time and effort, their dedication to quality surpasses any pursuit of quantity. For this project it was also one of the first times we could implement the finished version of our custom-created Shopify theme.


In addition to their flagship store and webshop, they have resellers worldwide. To support their expansion, they selected Shopify Plus as their e-commerce partner. Shopify Plus automatically scales your webshop to meet demand, whether it’s a sudden increase in traffic from a marketing campaign or seasonal peaks. The platform adjusts resources as needed, ensuring optimal performance without requiring manual intervention or concerns about infrastructure limitations.

POS pro

La Collection chose Shopify Plus for strict reasons, one of which is the inclusion of the POS Pro feature. This feature offers the advantage of integrating multiple payment providers, providing greater flexibility for our customers. Additionally, it provides comprehensive sales reports and analytics, allowing them to gain valuable insights into the business’ performance. With the ability to seamlessly integrate online and offline channels, they can create a cohesive shopping experience for customers.