Zliide x Radikal

Zliide X Radikal

One of the main objectives at Radikal is to accelerate growth leading to new partnerships with great companies who are actively seeking to bring innovation and creativity to our ever-increasing digital world.

We came across the ambitious team of Zliide, a growing tech organization that shares many of the same principles that drives us at Radikal – delivering valuable digital products through proactive work and continuous improvement.

Omnichannel shopping experience for customers

Zliide allows your customers the best omnichannel shopping experience. Forget about standing in line for your purchases. Thanks to the Zliide tool your checkout process can be done anywhere. You also receive an extensive overview including customer data. Big fashion retailers such as Weekday are using this revolutionary technology. 

“We love how the team at Zliide is thinking about improving the omnichannel experience for modern customers.”

Karel Cardinaels – Managing Partner @ Radikal

The technology is suitable for any customer entering physical stores using Zliide. No need to download any app, just tap your phone to start the checkout process. Then add your items to your basket by scanning the Zliide security tag or the traditional barcode. Next, remove the security tag and pay for your purchase. That’s all, it’s as easy as it sounds!

The new era of ecommerce

The Danish-based fashion-tech company is aiming to lead revolution in the fashion industry. They bridge the gap between offline and online commerce, focusing on customers. Their platform seamlessly integrates with existing tech platforms used by fashion retailers, to provide an omnichannel interface for interaction between stores.

Their objective of leading the fashion retail industry into the next era of e-commerce, includes increasing metrics such as conversion rate, basket size, and revenue in physical stores. This way they collect essential data which is later funneled into e-commerce.

Omnichannel shopping experience

Partnership Zliide x Radikal

As Shopify is the e-commerce platform of choice for many retailers, our expertise of delivering powerful Shopify-based solutions, tools, and marketing together with Zliide’s data-driven approach to increase key metrics for fashion brands. We close a mutually-beneficial partnership increasing both companies’ capabilities. The objective is to continuously deliver high-quality digital solutions.

We are delighted to partner with Radikal, who have a great deal of experience in delivering digital solutions for retailers in the ecommerce space. I am confident that together we will be able to bring even more value to the industry.”

Nikolai Lindholm – Founder @ Zliide

Are you eager to discover the revolutionary checkout experience of Zliide or have other related questions ? Us at Radikal are at your service to show you around or book a demo. Contact us via hello@radikal.io

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