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UX that drives conversions: how Radikal transformed Bonk’s website with Shopify

Cycling runs deep in Belgian roots, fuelling our energy and fostering bonds. BONK is all about the pure joy of cycling. Their mission is to transform the cycling world into an anything-but-boring lifestyle with their unisex clothing which embraces the fashion for cycling.

The best way to express these values? A great online store, of course. BONK faced UX challenges that were hurting the performance and ultimately the website’s conversion. They reached out to Radikal to support their growth. Here’s how we tackled the case.

Step by step: Building an cycling apparel brand

After Astrid, the founder of BONK, reached out to us, we immediately sprang into action. The first step in performing a webshop audit is to look for the current hindrances and areas of improvement. During our audit, we noticed BONK lost many customers in the checkout, so that would be our main point of focus. A roadmap based on an impact/effort matrix identified which optimization opportunities would have the greatest impact and thus should be tackled first. Ultimately, we always kept in mind the main goal: driving conversions. After we provided our suggestions, BONK immediately started implementing them.

“We had set up the Shopify webshop ourselves without any knowledge. When we knocked on Radikal’s door, they immediately set to work screening our webshop and came up with results that made sense, but that we hadn’t considered. Setting up a shop via Shopify is simple, but with Radikal’s insights you can take it to the next level.“
-Astrid Heggerick, the owner of BONK

Theme Upgrade

The biggest change for BONK was the upgrade to a 2.0 theme. Compared to the old theme, the new version gave BONK the tools to fully reflect their fashion for cycling essence, positioning them as a creative brand with a clear vision and mission. We also ensured that the new theme is clean and uncluttered, to improve transparency and ultimately the customer experience.

Improving UX

User experience (UX) is a key factor on the way to successful conversion numbers. During the theme migration, BONK implemented several conversion-focused UX changes proposed by Radikal. Here are the changes we introduced for the product page:

  • With more people shopping on their smartphones, we ensured an easy-to-use and mobile-friendly design;
  • To make the overall experience better and safer, we also improved transparency throughout the website.
  • To make a product detail page more conversion-friendly, we added a stock indicator to increase transparency and promote scarcity.
  • To guide visitors to the checkout, the CTA zone should be the focus point of the PDP


How did these changes affect BONK’s metrics? The impact of the changes was quickly measurable. By focusing on lowering the checkout churn (-13%), and improving overall UX, BONK’s conversion rate increased by 54%. With the AOV also climbing 25%, the revenue per visitor almost doubled (+93%).

Next steps?

Our top priority is client satisfaction and next to the great results, it was incredibly rewarding to see Astrid pleased with the outcome of our work. After transforming the website, we also set up several Klaviyo flows to improve customer retention, which was previously below 10%. We look forward to continuing to support BONK’s development and witnessing its further growth and success in the fashion for cycling industry .

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