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Improving the online shopping experience for Club Brugge fans with Shopify Plus

We are honored to work with one of the most famous football teams in Belgian history. This team is well-known not only for their impressive team of players but also for their recent performance in the qualifications for the Champions League. We’ve rarely seen an organization that cares and listens so much to its community, so we thought it was the ideal opportunity to show how much joy we received from working with Club Brugge.

As they have a large fanbase, the organization behind the team wanted to give something in return for the years of loyalty and support. We felt drawn to instantly help Club Brugge across this journey.

It was the perfect moment to upgrade Clubshop. We had specific needs for the webshop for UX, web design, and web development. We also needed Radikal’s assistance to find the right website platform that could help us reach our objectives.

Gauthier Vervaeke, e-commerce manager @ Club Brugge
Club Brugge Shopify Plus - official shirts

Shopify Plus

Club Brugge faced issues with their previous e-commerce platform. Firstly, the user experience needed improvement. Creating the ultimate shopping experience for their fanbase was a key priority. Before reaching out to us, Club Brugge consulted Human Eyes to do consumer research. After organizing multiple workshops for Club Brugge and analyzing the consumer research results, we put our heads together. This way we could start making Clubshop more user-friendly.

Secondly, the branding of the webshop wasn’t aligned with the rest of the online channels. Also, there were issues with the synchronizing of specific data. It’s impossible to learn and improve your marketing if you miss out on valuable stats and numbers.

Finally, Brugge had problems with their “personalization tool”. This tool helps you to customize your official Club Brugge t-shirt, with your own name or the name of one of the players. The previous version had 3D technology which had many technical restrictions.

Shopify Plus was selected to be the best match for Club Brugge after careful consideration and was found to provide an all-around solution to previously mentioned problems.  

Accepting a brand new challenge

One of the most challenging parts of this project was the creation of the personalization tool, in terms of usability, design, and development. We were eager to build this feature based on Shopify features and functionalities. Let us walk you through it.

Our way of working

Rather than just diving in and creating a new tool in terms of design and development, we decided to take a step back. Three things to keep in mind before you start: How did the previous tool work? What were the expectations to live up to? How could we implement the expected results?

Club Brugge faced several technical issues with the previous personalization tool such as showing product variations, connecting the tool to the checkout process, and creating a consistent layout for both desktop and mobile.

The goal of the V2 personalization tool was to smoothly transfer the content from the old webshop platform to Shopify Plus. However, during user testing conducted by Human Eyes, it became apparent that the tool was not user-friendly enough. Increasing revenue was a priority for them but they also wanted to maintain loyalty to their fanbase and create a user-friendly experience.

To meet these expectations, Radikal followed our standard process. Our UX/UI designers created a user-friendly design that incorporated Club Brugge’s branding. We held several review meetings with the UX team and Club Brugge’s internal team to ensure the design met their standards. Once we were satisfied with the result, our developers implemented the design in Shopify, connecting the code to the graphics. Our lead developer Tatjana then added the necessary content and features and made sure that the final product met Club Brugge’s expectations.

Club Brugge Shopify Plus - Personalisation tool

You can overcome any challenge with a clear structure & a detailed analysis.

Tatjana Baeyens, Teamlead & Shopify Developer

Specifications of the personalization tool

Custom fields

When visiting the personalization tool you instantly notice the customization grid. It takes such a small space on the page, yet it has so many ways of adding your personal touch. Our lead developer Tatjana has been working 7 to 8 weeks to make this tool operational. The biggest challenge was to be able to add the sizing, variations, print, and badges. Thanks to a fully custom approach, we were able to implement these fields on the page. Once your shirt order is ready, the landing page directs you to the checkout. Adding the correct information of the customized shirts to the shopping cart is a feature that is only supported by Shopify Plus.

Mobile vs. desktop

We took a mobile-first approach and created both desktop and mobile versions that were as similar as possible. We used a layout that incorporated the brand’s black and blue key accents while also being user-friendly. It took some effort for Tatjana to achieve the desired result, but her skills were more than up to the task. After extensive testing, we were proud of the end result.

Integration from Lightspeed to Shopify Plus

As earlier mentioned in the case study, we had to switch from their previous e-commerce platform to Shopify Plus to live up to the expectations of the client. Following the needs of Club Brugge, we collectively decided to go for Shopify Plus. This upgraded version is easier to integrate with apps and adds more customization.

Getting on board in 2023

Welcome to the new year! As we look ahead to 2023, we can announce some exciting developments for Club Brugge. Our top priority is ensuring our customers have the best experience possible, and we’re working hard to improve customer retention and offer personalized buying experiences for their customers. But that’s not all – we’re also excited to unveil some new initiatives, specifically tailored to Football fans! Keep an eye out for updates and join us on this journey of innovation and excellence.

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