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Automation Flows

Klaviyo email automations offer tremendous value to Shopify Plus and Shopify stores by streamlining and automating the process of email marketing. With Klaviyo you can send targeted, personalized emails to their customers at the right time, increasing the chances of conversions and sales.

One of the biggest advantages of Klaviyo is its ability to segment customers based on their behavior and preferences, allowing for highly targeted and relevant email campaigns. This means that you can send emails that are specific to a customer’s interests, increasing the chances of engagement and conversions.

In addition, Klaviyo automations allow you to set up triggered emails that are sent based on specific actions taken by customers, such as abandoning a cart or making a purchase. This enables stores to communicate with customers at the right time, providing a better customer experience and increasing the chances of repeat business.

Automation flows
Optimize campaigns

Our focus is on retaining your customers through targeted and optimized email marketing campaigns. On a recurring basis, our team of copywriters, designers, and email marketing specialists will craft and test campaigns that are tailored to your customers’ shopping behavior and designed to drive conversions. Our mission is to help grow your online sales and improve customer retention through the power of marketing automation.