Connect Shopify with Exact

Automate your workflow

Running a webshop can be very demanding. Automating as much as possible is a big win. What if we can connect your Exact platform with Shopify? This will make your product management a lot easier. No more time lost keeping your inventory in sync.

Why would people buy at your shop

We focus on creating marketing strategies that focus on results. There are so many tools around but we help you pick the right ones. Is it SEO optimisation or mapping out your email marketing flows, we can help. Do you need support creating content and sending out periodic emails? We got your back.

Digital marketing workshop

In a workshop together with you and our digital strategists we define a healthy but feasible marketing mix for your shop. We visualize it on a timeline so you always have a guide to rely on. What are your business goals for next year? How will you reach them? We help you along the way.

Paid advertising

The quickest way to generate visitors to your shop is by advertising. Showing your ads to the right target audience is essential for a good conversion rate.

How do we do it?

Our preferred platform is Shopify. This Saas platform has proven to be a reliable solution. It even comes with a cash register solution that integrates seamless with your online shop. Have you considered selling on market places? With Shopify you can publish your products to many other platforms.

Shopify Meetup Antwerp

We recently organised our first Shopify meetup together with the people from Shopify!