Stand out
from the crowd
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At Radikal we develop and manage your Shopify shop. We help you sell your products and automate your workflow.

Tailored for your needs

We help you pick the right payment options, shipping providers, integrations with external services, and a lot more …. Need some external view on your business? We are happy to assist.

Why would people buy at your online store

We focus on creating marketing strategies that focus on results. There are so many tools around but we help you pick the right ones. Is it SEO optimization or mapping out your email marketing flows, we can help. Do you need support creating content and sending out periodic emails? We got your back.

Building a Shopify store

Digital marketing workshop

In a workshop, together with you and our digital strategists, we define a healthy but feasible marketing mix for your shop. We visualize it on a timeline so you always have a guide to rely on. What are your business goals for next year? How will you reach them? We help you along the way.

Customer retention

At Radikal we strongly believe in setting up a customer retention machine. Integrating reviews, loyalty, and customer support is an essential part for a solid e-commerce strategy. We help you build it.

How do we do it?

Shopify gives us the tools to deliver solutions that answer these changes. We build bespoke Shopify apps to ensure your business logic can be kept inside the platform.

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