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The Cookware Company

The Cookware Company always had a passion for innovative houseware products. Knowing about the harmful effects of PFAS, they decided to do things differently. They invented something completely new: a healthy PFAS-free ceramic non-stick coating. They shook up the cookware market and moved the entire industry into a new direction since launching in the US in 2005.

With over a million products sold each month, the company has continued to expand its operations globally. Seeking to streamline their ecommerce operations and optimize their customer data analysis, they turned to Radikal for assistance. The result? Four new Shopify Plus stores for their brands Greenpan and BK and a successful migration from Salesforce.

Migrating from Salesforce to Shopify Plus

The Cookware Company found it an easy choice to migrate to Shopify Plus because they were already familiar with its benefits, having used it successfully for their US market. However, their EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa) webshops were managed on Salesforce, which ultimately fell short of their expectations. One notable feature that Shopify Plus had over Shopware, is its ability to create personalized dashboards for analyzing customer data.

Another distinction between Salesforce and Shopify Plus is that Salesforce is primarily a CRM that also offers ecommerce features, whereas Shopify Plus is solely designed for e-commerce setups. This allows Shopify Plus to be more intuitive and adaptable, making it an ideal solution for fulfilling the requirements of The Cookware Company. For instance, The Cookware Company needed to quickly and easily personalize their webshop and add new features. Shopify Plus helped them meet this goal.

Redesigning webshops for The Cookware Company

The initial phase of the project involved redesigning the shop. Our team of skilled designers collaborated with the Cookware team led by John De Wever to establish a consistent appearance that works for both of their brands. Although Greenpan and BK would use the same theme for their webshops, each one should have its own distinct style, color scheme, and unique identity. Our designers kept these factors in mind, along with providing a good user experience, to produce a custom theme that is both sleek and modern.

Together with the Cookware team and their inhouse designers, we were able to take the design up a notch and really provide a sleek, user-friendly theme

Janne Degryse, Lead Design & Marketing at Radikal

The migration – Akeneo & custom connector

After the redesign, the next step involved developing the shop and transferring data from their current platform to Shopify Plus. Although it may seem straightforward to move data from one location to another, it requires a hands-on approach to ensure that important information is not lost in translation. Cookware already used Akeneo to store their data, all that was left for our developers was to build a custom connector that ensured all this data was correctly transferred from Akeneo to Shopify Plus.

Sales soar after website launch

Once the new theme was created and developed, it could be adapted and implemented across their other 14 brands and trademark licenses, including their popular Greenpan technology. Since the launch of their websites, sales numbers for the company skyrocketed, and the impact was noticeable right away. Within the first two weeks, they received their first 1000 orders. The Cookware team found it much easier to launch campaigns quickly, now that they could invest their time in setting them up instead of focusing on technical aspects. The team’s efficiency improved, thanks to the support provided by Shopify Plus. Working with such a robust ecommerce platform gave them greater security, and they have several upcoming projects planned for the year. More soon!

Check out the results here: http://greenpan.be , http://greenpan.nl , http://greenpan.co.uk , and http://bk.nl.

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