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The Cookware Company

Migrating from Salesforce to Shopify

The Cookware Company, a company passionate about innovative houseware products, recognized the harmful effects of PFAS and decided to create a PFAS-free ceramic non-stick coating. The company experienced significant growth, selling over a million products each month. As part of their expansion efforts, they sought to optimize their ecommerce operations and customer data analysis. To achieve this, they partnered with Radikal.

Radikal assisted The Cookware Company in creating four new Shopify Plus stores for their brands Greenpan and BK. Previously, the company had managed their EMEA webshops on Salesforce, but they found Shopify Plus more suitable for their needs. One key advantage of Shopify Plus was its ability to create personalized dashboards for analyzing customer data, which Salesforce lacked.

Moreover, Shopify Plus is specifically designed for e-commerce setups, while Salesforce primarily serves as a CRM with e-commerce features. This made Shopify Plus more intuitive and adaptable for The Cookware Company’s requirements. They needed to quickly personalize their webshop and incorporate new features, and Shopify Plus provided the solution for accomplishing these goals.

By migrating from Salesforce to Shopify Plus and leveraging the platform’s capabilities, The Cookware Company was able to streamline their ecommerce operations, optimize customer data analysis, and continue their successful global expansion.

The Cookware Company

Release Date
January, 2023

Visit websites
http://greenpan.be , http://greenpan.nl , http://greenpan.co.uk , and http://bk.nl.


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