Fabit 3D

The Journey of Fabit 3D’s customization journey

Who is Fabit?
Fabit is a top-notch Belgian enterprise specializing in 3D design and production of high-end custom-made products. They use the power of 3D printing and other digital technologies to design and fabricate exceptional works of art. The company is a reliable partner for bespoke items like trophies, awards, and gifts for some of the world’s coolest brands. With a global clientele of over 1100 customers, they have an impressive track record. 

The Challenge?
Recently, they approached us seeking our experience in creating Shopify webshops and integrating new tools and platforms. They required a centralized webshop to showcase their lookbook page and accomplishments. Apart from designing and developing the webshop, one of the biggest challenges for Fabit and our team was the trophy customization tool. With this, clients can create their custom trophy changing text, logos, fonts, colors and even materials used for the base of the trophy. To integrate these specific characteristics or variants we used the personalization platform Twikit.

The solution?
The customization tool was integrated by our Shopify developers, who worked closely together as a team to make sure the tool did exactly what Fabit expected. They created variants in Shopify and loaded the correct 3D model on the product page based on the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), which is the same in Shopify and Twikit. When a customer’s configuration is ready, we temporarily store that data on the item that is in the cart. On the cart page, we adjust the price of the products depending on the quantities. When the customer checks out, all cart items are forwarded to our app we custom made, and that creates an order in the Twikit system.

Throughout the six-month timeline, we worked closely with the Fabit team. We held multiple feedback rounds with Fabit to ensure that the design and functionalities met their needs. Our designers made sure that the look and feel of Fabit was consistent throughout all the pages, using big imagery and modern clean looking fonts and colors, while always keeping the best usability in mind. Our project manager oversaw the project from start to finish, using Asana to make agreements and closely follow up on the project from beginning to end. Our developers worked hard on the integration of Twikit in Shopify and wrote a separate app to combine all the product features and place them in the checkout. The customization tool was custom-built, which allowed Fabit to stand out in the industry.

The result was a successful integration of Twikit into the new Shopify webshop, complete with a custom-built 3D customization tool. Fabit 3D now has a centralized platform that showcases their lookbook page and their achievements. They can display all their products in one place and allow their clients to customize their products to their liking. The centralization of data has helped them streamline their operations and improve customer satisfaction.

This case study demonstrates our expertise in integrating new tools and platforms and our out-of-the-box thinking. Our team worked closely with Fabit 3D to understand their requirements and build a custom solution that met their needs. The result was a successful project that delivered the desired outcome for our client.

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