Navigating the Challenges of Launching a Belgian E-commerce Brand Overseas

Get ready to step into the world of KNTXT – a techno concept that promises a unique party experience in stunning venues that will take your breath away. Led by the world-renowned DJ Charlotte De Witte, KNTXT is not just about the music but the entire experience. And now, we are thrilled to have partnered with them to help grow their merch brand – the KNTXT SHOP. As the brand rapidly grows, they needed a reliable partner to help them expand their business on Shopify. That’s where we come in! With our extensive experience in the events industry, we were referred to KNTXT and embarked on a journey to launch their Belgian e-commerce brand overseas.

The team at Radikal comprehended the obstacles that KNTXT had encountered. A solution was found that allowed KNTXT to take ownership of their Shopify store, which was currently under the control of their merchandising agency. Furthermore, they aimed to establish a solution for their customers based in the United States. Charlotte toured the US before and even performed at Coachella in California. Shipping orders from Belgium to overseas locations is expensive and time-consuming. Hence, the logical course of action was to establish a separate Shopify store in proximity to the customers, thereby reducing shipping costs and delivery time.

Our approach to the KNTXT project was strategically designed with a keen focus on profitability and flexibility, ensuring that the solutions provided were both forward-thinking and scalable.

To commence the project, we established a Shopify store with an enhanced version of the existing theme utilized for EU customers, incorporating font imports and customizing it to match KNTXT’s brand identity.

Our primary objective was to launch the US webshop promptly, in time for the commencement of the US tour. From the outset, we implemented a data collection strategy to optimize customer lifetime value and average order value.

We recognized the importance of delivering a top-quality solution for KNTXT’s US customers on time. To achieve this, we adopted a robust data strategy from the outset, with a focus on Klaviyo, which allowed us to capture valuable customer data for future marketing initiatives. Utilizing the stable Shopify platform enabled us to gain the necessary speed to meet the tight deadline, while still ensuring the high level of quality our clients expect.

Radikal’s hands-on and agile go-to-market approach resulted in the timely delivery of a high-quality solution for KNTXT’s US customers. The team’s extensive expertise in Shopify customization enabled them to promptly detect and resolve any obstacles that arose during the process. By utilizing a phased approach, coupled with flexibility and rapid responses to any challenges encountered, we were able to deliver a top-notch solution for KNTXT’s US customers right on schedule.

With the implementation of the new solution, KNTXT’s brand has experienced remarkable growth, enabling them to focus on expanding their business while their e-commerce needs are expertly managed by Radikal. Radikal’s proficiency in e-commerce and Shopify customization has proven to be a valuable asset for KNTXT.

The KNTXT Shop launch was a true showcase of the power of community, as fans from across the globe united to support our vision and help us generate a successful first drop in the US.

Junior Lambrechts – General Manager @ KNTXT

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